Look forward to spring with Green Fair

By Dave Fried With winter finally upon us, now may be a good time to cast our gaze to spring and our inaugural Robbinsville Township Green Fair April 23. The fair is organized as part of our Sustainable Jersey certification, a distinction in which our Green Team is extremely proud. We are really excited for […]

How can Ewing get a consolidated ZIP code?

In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions. I live in the Jefferson condo complex however have a ZIP code of 08618, which I believe is considered Trenton. Meanwhile the Marriott on nearby Charles Ewing Boulevard has a ZIP code of 08628. Additionally, further down the road The College of […]

A place formerly known as Birmingham, New Jersey

By Helen Kull I hope you all enjoyed Dale’s “West Trenton Jeopardy” last month. Did you West Trenton folks get all the questions correct? How about the rest of you? However: would you have known where she was reminiscing about if it had been called “Birmingham Jeopardy”? Or “Trenton Junction Jeopardy”? Or even “Altura Jeopardy”? […]

Embracing the art of adventure

By Ilene Black One of the lessons I have learned as I have gotten older is, when an opportunity for adventure presents itself, grab it. Letting it slip away causes regret later. The adventure does not need to be over the top or dangerous. Adventure, to me, is something that is out of my normal […]

Call me irritated: Movies, Melville and Moby Dick

By Peter Dabbene Call me irritated. When I saw a trailer for the film In The Heart of the Sea, many months ago, I was cautiously excited, despite the fact that Ron Howard was directing it. Ron Howard is an experienced, successful director whose finest days, I believe, were as an actor on The Andy […]

There is nothing as frightening as 3,000 brides

People say there is nothing as beautiful as a bride, but as I found out last month, there is nothing as frightening as 3,000 brides. My fiancée, mother, sister and I ventured up to Secaucus for the New Jersey Bridal and Wedding Expo Jan. 9, and we all knew we were beyond our depth from […]

From your grill to ours

From your grill to ours

Illustration by Eliane Gerrits. By Pia de Jong When my friends in the Netherlands recently told me about their delicious holiday feasts serving up venison and wild rabbit, I thought: why not here? Although I aspire to be a vegetarian, I am nostalgic for the wild game we serve at home. It should not too […]

My lucky Valentine

My lucky Valentine

Hand-rolled bittersweet chocolates from Thomas Sweet in Palmer Square. When I tell people that my wife and I don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day, they usually have one of several reactions. Reaction No. 1: “You’re really lucky. I wish my [significant other] was like that.” Reaction No. 2: “Maybe you only think your wife doesn’t […]

To fight addiction, we must first fight the stigma

One of the oddities of being a reporter is, we meet a lot of people but never in times they’d call normal. We are there for highlights—the championships, graduations or big breaks in a career. But, often, we are there for what is the darkest moment in a life—the death of a child, the loved […]

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